One symptom, many causes. One cause, many symptoms.

Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a systems-based biological approach to assessing symptoms and conditions in the body. Instead of chasing symptoms, the focus is on finding the root cause of the symptom.

For example, fatigue can be “cured” by drinking a cup of caffeine or taking B12 supplements but that doesn’t solve the underlying problem. The root cause may be poor sleep hygiene, thyroid problem, cortisol dysregulation, or myriad other causes. Instead of throwing your valuable resources away on supplements that may or may not be helping, let’s find and work on the root cause of your symptoms.

Dr. Beck works with individuals to identify root causes of their conditions and to develop a healthy lifestyle that works with their goals in a food-first philosophy. Components of treatment may include whole body assessment, laboratory and microbiome testing, as well as food-based supplements and herbal remedies.

Conditions that benefit from FM include hormone dysregulation, fibromyalgia, diabetes, asthma, perimenopause, autoimmune diseases, thyroid dysregulation, irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular syndromes, family history of cholesterol or glucose dysregulation, gastrointestinal conditions including acid reflux, skin conditions such as acne, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) as well as a host of other conditions.